Saturday, December 26, 2015

Trouble with a capital T!.... Aka …..Jennifer .....;)

So……Yeah. I am supposed to be making film one. And I am. Editing. A lot.  So much so that I have made sure I have the key to all the edit suites on campus because I know for sure my mac will die at some point.

Don't worry! I got it covered! 
And then WTF do I do? Hmm. Accept the biggest film ever. To do. Now. Why? Sigh. Because it is the biggest film ever. I asked for it. I begged for it. Why?..... Biggest film ever.  Did I think…it would be hard to do two at once? Did I think…I wonder if any one EVER does two at once?

I know the answer to this question. Because…when my film professor started to figure out I might be doing this, he told me all I needed to know by the look on his face and I immediately explained (AKA LIED) to him “Don’t worry, I just am doing one interview now. Just one.” So now each time I come to borrow a light kit….from the department…(so far 10 times) I have worked extremely hard to keep out of his view. I think he knows. I think he says nothing because this train wreck is highly entertaining to watch.

BUT! For all of you who are the slightest bit concerned (and all of you should be) Don’t forget: Who the F nearly on a whim got a camera, visas, shots and a plane ticket and jumped through the looking glass before into a challenge that seemed impossible?

Yeah I know. Now you see the problem. Well, Here’s to trouble! :) 

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