Saturday, October 29, 2016

It’s all perspective ;)

So you need to shoot on location. And the location is Hawaii. Yayyyyyy!!!!! And you have 250 dollars for a week. Boooooooo!!!!!!!! Well, Can it be done?  Of course!

Step one. Place to sleep. Air BNB now offers EVERYTHING! In Oahu I actually found available: a hammock, a van and a couch. I choose couch. J Seems doable. Safe. Eh???? What is safe? Could safe include living with drug dealers? Well sure! Probably. Maybe. Maybe?

Maybe it will be ok because they are FEMALE drug dealers? I am certain that increases the safety factor loads! Yeah…....ok I know. Alright.

So we are living with drug dealers.  Correction, I am living with drug dealers You are not. Hopefully J. And safety for me  is… Comme ci, comme ├ža. So how did I know? How did I know they were drug dealers? Oh! Well…my tips were a) all the dried “oregano” covering the counters in the bathroom.

Wiki: How to dry "Oregeno"
b) The large number of blind dates who came to meet the landlords across the week, and c) The interesting phone calls yelling “its good stuff. Just take it from her! Just buy it man!“ But in their defense, they were incredibly well spoken and knew all the best remote places to get good film shots.